Sea Hero

Saatchi & Saatchi London

Art Direction


Sea Hero Quest,
the World’s first
mobile game
where anyone
can help scientists
fight dementia

50 million people worldwide
suffer from dementia.

With traditional research
lacking behind, scientists
need a new way of quickly
obtaining data from every
culture, age and gender.

S&S created Sea Hero Quest,
the first mobile game
where anyone can help
scientists fight dementia.

Danilo Silveira:  Art Direction, Matte Painting, Texturing  & Compositing
Moises Gomes:  Particles & Fluids
Leandro Lima:  Textures & Matte Painting


Digital Creative Director:Bruno di Lucca
Head of Production:Daniel Gomes
Senior Studio Producer: Bárbara Dib Gaiarim

Executive Creative Director: Jason Romeyko
Creative Director: Franki Goodwin, Will John
Creative: Rob Watts
Planners: Jimmy Elston, Charlie Brennikmeijer
Project Management: Amie Mills
Account Management: Clare Shaw, Sam Grischotti, Matilda Jones, Martha Jales
Head of Design: Bruno di Lucca
Lead Designer: Daniel Reeve
Production: Barbara Gaiarim, Daniel Gomes
TV Production: Laszlo Bederna Thomas Done, Georgia Wright

Design: Ben Ford, Daniel Reeve, Talveer Uppal, Sheetal Schofield, Ruth Gomes, Thiago Elias, Danilo Silveira, Yaw Boadi, Patrick Schofield
Copy and Social: Matt Woods, Sarah Heavens and Emma Cockbill
Development: Matt Evans, Rob Thompson, Valerio Oliveira, Keita Kuroki, Eric Cintra

Design: Nick Roberts, Matthew Manlove, Ruth Gomes, Chris Collet, Simon Hutchison, David Sydenham Artwork and retouch: Matt Dixon, Gary Nelson, Nick Swaffield

Display production:
Production: Chris Rushton, Leo Selvaratnam
Design / Motion / Build: Jay Silva, Steve Bradley, Dean Dawe, Jon Mac, Max Bilkhoo

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